Keeping fit in Dover has got much easier and more fun.  Dover Town Council have installed a brand-new state of the art outdoor gym on Dover seafront free for everyone to use 24/7.

The new gym is just the latest project in the Town Council’s long-standing campaign to support the health and wellbeing of local people, spending your money in the ways that you want – common sense solutions for everyone.

Councillor Pam Brivio, Chairperson of the Civic and Special Projects Committee said

“As a member of Dover Town Council, I have been pleased to see this facility open and in use.  At a time when everyone is being encouraged to take more exercise the facilities at the outdoor gym in a beautiful location are very welcome”


Get fit for free in the fresh air!  Choose the machine that suits you best from– 

Dips/ Leg Raise (Strength / Calisthenics)

Dip Bar / Leg raise is a calisthenics exercise that primarily targets the abs and to a lesser degree also targets the hamstrings, hi flexors, lower back, shoulders and triceps.



Lat Pull Down/Shoulder Press (Toning)

The Lat Pull/ Shoulder Press machine is primarily used to train your upper back muscles which lower your shoulders and pull your arms downwards and backwards as if you are doing a pull up.  And – no competition – you can use this machine at the same time as a friend!


Cross Trainer (Cardio)

Cross Trainers work the upper and lower body providing a full body work out and increasing the number of calories burned.





Leg Press / Bench (Toning)

The Leg Press / Bench machine allows you to build strength in important muscles like quadriceps, gluteus maximus and develop the hamstrings and calves.




Get Going and Get Fit!


Just remember to read the users instructions on the machines before starting to exercise and only use the machines in accordance with the instructions.  If you have any medical conditions or other concerns discuss these with your doctor first.

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