Your Council

Council Staff

  • Allison Burton - Town Clerk
  • David Hunt-Cooke - Town Sergeant
  • Diana Baldwin - Treasurer
  • Jim Peacock - General Assistant
  • Karen Dry - Land & Communities Officer
    Responsible for:
    Allotments & Grazing Land, High Meadow, Town Regeneration, Horticulture & Community, Services Committee
  • Mark Skinner - Administrator
  • Sharon O’Hare - Secretary to the Council
    Responsible for:
    Civic Events & Mayoralty, Council Meetings, Finance & General Purposes
  • Tracey Hubbard - Customer Events Team Leader
    Responsible for:
    Pencester Pavilion, Western Heights, Town Events, Freedom of Information, Civic & Special Projects Committee, Maison Dieu House, Dover Town War Memorial

To see how we are organised, view our Organisational Chart.

The Council and its Committees

To see our committees and which councillor serves on each, see below, or download our Council & Committees.

Civic & Special Projects Committee

Finance & General Purposes

Community & Services Committee

Planning Committee