Your Council

Council Staff

  • Allison Burton - Town Clerk/ Responsible Financial Officer
  • Customer Events Team Leader
    Responsible for:
    Pencester Pavilion, Town & Civic Events, Civic & Special Projects Committee, Finance and General Purpose Committee.
  • General Assistant
  • Land & Communities Officer
    Responsible for:
    Allotments & Grazing Land, High Meadow, Town Regeneration, Horticulture & Community, Services Committee. Maison Dieu House & War Memorial, IT Support, Finance Support, Planning Committee. Deputy to the Town Clerk
  • Secretary to the Council
    Responsible for:
    Mayoralty, Full Town Council Meetings, Freedom of information.
  • Town Sergeant

The Council and its Committees

To see our committees and which councillor serves on each, see below:

Civic & Special Projects Committee

Chairperson – Cllr Rebecca Sawbridge

Vice-Chairperson – Cllr Graham Wanstall

Finance & General Purposes

Chairperson – Cllr John Lamoon

Vice-Chairperson – Cllr Nigel Collor

Community & Services Committee

Chairperson – Cllr Nigel Collor

Vice-Chairperson – Cllr James Defriend

Planning Committee

Chairperson – Cllr Andy Calder

Vice-Chairperson – Cllr Martin Bradley

Representation on External Bodies

The Council may appoint representatives to external bodies.  The Current (2023-24) Council representatives can be found here: External Representaitives 2023-24