Your Council

Council Staff

  • Allison Burton - Town Clerk/ Responsible Financial Officer
  • Customer Events Team Leader
    Responsible for:
    Pencester Pavilion, Town & Civic Events, Civic & Special Projects Committee, Finance and General Purpose Committee.
  • General Assistant
  • Land & Communities Officer
    Responsible for:
    Allotments & Grazing Land, High Meadow, Town Regeneration, Horticulture & Community, Services Committee. Maison Dieu House & War Memorial, IT Support, Finance Support, Planning Committee. Deputy to the Town Clerk
  • Secretary to the Council
    Responsible for:
    Mayoralty, Full Town Council Meetings, Freedom of information.
  • Town Sergeant

The Council and its Committees

To see our committees and which councillor serves on each, see below, or download our Council and Committees (To be updated after Council Meeting on 16th May).

Civic & Special Projects Committee

Chairperson – Councillor Pam Brivio

Vice-Chairperson – Councillor Lesley Stephenson

Finance & General Purposes

Chairperson – Councillor Gordon Cowan

Vice-Chairperson – Councillor John Bird

Community & Services Committee

Chairperson – Councillor Susan Jones

Vice-Chairperson – Councillor Charlie Zosseder

Planning Committee

Chairperson – Councillor Neil Rix

Vice-Chairperson – Councillor John Lamoon

Representation on External Bodies

The Council may appoint representatives to external bodies.  The Current (2022-23) Council represntatives can be found here: External Representaitives 2022-23