Dover Town Council AllotmentsOne of our statutory obligations is to provide allotments to the people of Dover. Anyone who lives in the six Town Council wards of Dover, or if there is a vacancy with no waiting list, a resident from a neighbouring parish can apply to rent an allotment garden.

Cultivating an allotment will provide a source of good quality fresh fruit and vegetables. If grown organically, the food will reduce your family’s exposure to pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Allotment gardening is a very rewarding pastime and it makes a valuable contribution to the quality and health of people’s lives, both in terms of providing healthy food to eat, and also providing exercise to allotment-holders. The increased awareness of healthy eating and organic food production, along with a plethora of gardening television programmes has meant that there are more people seeking allotments than at any time since the ‘Dig For Victory’ campaign in World War II.

The Allotments are let on a yearly lease, currently, there are five allotment sites within Dover, all owned by Dover Town Council, with one being managed by an allotment holders’ association. You can view the locations and apply for an allotment by post, in person, or online.

Our Allotment Locations

All sites have water available.

Maxton Allotment Site

Folkestone Road, Dover – approx. 70 plots

Pilot’s Meadow Allotment Site

Off Adrian Street, Dover –approx. 19 plots

Pretoria Allotment Site

Green Lane, Dover – approx. 69 plots

Prospect Place Allotment Site

Off Edgar Road, Dover – approx. 25 plots

Astley Avenue Allotment Site

Though this site is owned by the Council, it is managed by an allotment holders’ association.

How to Apply

Dover-Town-Council-allotment-guidanceInterested in growing your own produce? You can either apply for an allotment by post or online or give us a call on 01304 242 625 and ask to speak to our Land & Community Officer.  If you apply on line or by post, you will automatically be put onto the waiting list, you will only by contacted once an allotment is available to you.

For those interested in applying for Astley Avenue allotments, please get in touch with Mr Greenstreet, 01304 225304.

Apply for an Allotment

Other Useful Forms:

Our Allotment Aims

The success of an allotment site is dependent on cooperation between garden tenants, allotment representatives and those responsible for the management of the site as a whole. Therefore, we have adopted six aims to help us deliver the best practice management of our allotments. We assess each aim annually to ensure all actions taken are supportive of the following objectives:

Aim 1: To have sites which are welcoming and accessible to all

  1. To make sites look positive and inviting throughout
  2. To have good and safe access to sites
  3. To have sites which are inclusive

Aim 2: To have healthy, safe and secure allotments

  1. To improve site security and make tenants feel safe
  2. To ensure all livestock is well cared for
  3. To haves sites free from hazards to health

Aim 3: To have well maintained and clean sites

  1. To improve waste management
  2. To improve site maintenance
  3. To ensure properly maintained plots and structures

Aim 4: To create allotments that encourage sustainable practice

  1. To reduce the use of chemicals so as to increase wildlife
  2. To improve water efficiency
  3. To increase recycling of unwanted materials

Aim 5: To improve the management of sites

  1. To provide efficient administration
  2. To improve information available to tenants
  3. To undertake improved monitoring of sites

Aim 6: To promote community partnerships and social inclusion

  1. To identify groups to work in partnership with
  2. To support and develop projects which promote social inclusion
  3. To identify tenants’ needs and develop best practice

Still have a question about allotment guidelines? Why not get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. If you’re looking to tell us about a problem with an allotment, report it.