Councillor Edward Biggs is appointed Mayor Of Dover

Councillor Edward Biggs began a new term as Mayor of Dover, marking his declaration of acceptance of office at the first full council meeting held at St. Mary’s Parish Centre on 29th May 2024. Councillor Biggs currently represents the Town and Castle Ward.


The event at St. Mary’s Parish Centre was attended by the public and distinguished guests, who gathered to welcome the elected Town Council to their first official meeting. During the meeting, Councillor Biggs also elected Ms Laurie Porter as nominated civic partner (NCP) and Councillor Anuj Bedi was elected Deputy Mayor for the municipal year 2024-25. At the ceremony Dr Judith Shilling and Anthony Hawkings MBE were awarded the title of Freeperson of Dover. A new Mayors Cadet, Cadet Marcel Klos was awarded this esteemed title for 2024-25.