Dover’s Twinning History

Dover is twinned with both Calais, France and Split in Croatia. Calais was twinned with Dover from early 1973  and the Twinning between Split in Croatia and Dover dates from 1956.

Calais, France


Dover’s link with Calais is based on our shared cross channel partnership and interests. The Towns support each other at  significant civic occasions such as the Remembrance Sunday commemorations and other important events.  There is a regular programme of visits for cultural and market events to encourage the development of tourism and cultural links, friendship and understanding.

For many years Dover and Calais held an annual twinning festival of sport with each town hosting in turn and arranging competitions over a wide range of sports and games for teams from both towns  in everything from football to fencing.  Clubs now continue to arrange friendly competitions on an individual basis.


Split, Croatia


Dover and Split have had a close relationship since 1956 when they were first twinned as part of the efforts to rebuild Europe following the devastation of the Second World War.  The link was again very important during the violence that followed the breakup of the former Yugoslavia.

Civic representatives of the two towns remain in regular contact with visits during which the cultural ties are renewed and areas of mutual interest are discussed and explored.  Astor School has been especially active over the years in developing relationships between the young people of both towns with exchange visits and other activities.


Dover Town Council is committed to supporting the Town’s twinning links. If you would like to get involved in any projects involving our twinned towns contact your local Councillor or the Council direct via  our contacts page.