Request Information

Requests for information should be made in writing, by letter or e-mail. Council staff will advise and assist if necessary. Your request must include:

  • Your contact details for the reply
  • An exact description of the information you would like
  • The format in which you would like to receive the information

Once received, an acknowledgement will be sent to you within 7 working days and reply to your Freedom of Information Act or an explanation as to why some or all of the information you would like cannot be disclosed, (in keeping with legislation), will be sent within 20 working days, the statutory timescale required, unless we inform you otherwise.

1. Request information by email with our online contact form.

2. Requests for information by post should be directed to:

The Freedom of Information Officer
Dover Town Council
Maison Dieu House
Biggin Street
Dover, Kent
CT16 1DW

Schedule of charges

Statutory Fee & Other

There are no services for which the council is entitled to recover a fee (i.e. burial fees)

Disbursement Cost

We charge a disbursement fee for a) photocopying and b) postage for administrative costs:


  • 10 pence per A4 Sheet (Black & White)
  • 15 pence per A4 Sheet (Colour)
  • 15 pence per A3 Sheet (Black & White)
  • 25 pence per A3 Sheet (Colour)


We will charge the actual cost only for Royal Mail 2nd Class postage.

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