See it, Sort it, Fix it.

Dover Town Council provides a range of local services in conjunction with other local authorities and partner agencies. If you spot or become aware of a problem, fault or other issue relating to any of our services, we want to hear from you so we can put things right. However, many of the issues are the responsibility of Dover District Council and Kent County council.

We want to help the community play a part in making Dover great. Helping you get your issues sorted is important to us. Therefore, please use the following links to report a problem to the appropriate authorities:

Dover Town Council is responsible for sorting out any issues with allotments, with the exception of Astley Avenue, which is managed by an allotment holder’s association. If you have a problem with our allotments, contact us using the form below. For Astley Avenue issues, please contact Mr. Frost on 01304 241 995.

If you would like to raise a formal complaint, please read our Complaints Procedure. For any other queries, please use our Get in Touch form.

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