Annual Return

The Council prepares accounts each year for the 12 months to 31 March. The format of the accounts is decided by Central Government and set out in the Annual Return.  The Annual Return is audited each year by an independent external auditor.

Annual Return 2014/15 and Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Notice of Conclusion of Audit – year ended 31.3.16

Annual Return – year ended 31.3.16

Town Council Budget

The Town Council decides the budget before the start of each financial year. From time to time the Council makes changes to the budget to respond flexibly to community needs.

Dover Town council Budget 2017-18

Town Council Expenditure

The Town Council considers and approves all payments made at its regular meetings.

Council Expenditure, December 2016-17

Council Expenditure, January 2016-17

Council Expenditure, February 2016-17

Basic Allowances & Travel Payments

Almost all work done by Town Councillors is expected to be voluntary. The Council makes a payment called Parish Basic Allowance to Councillors to recognise the time spent on duties and for expenses such as travel within Dover. The Council considers reports from a Independent Panel set up to make recommendations on the appropriate level of Allowance in East Kent.  Councillors can claim travel and subsistence for duties outside Dover Town at the same rates as apply to Dover District Councillors.

Parish Basic Allowance – Statutory Public Notice

Payments to Councillors, 2016-17

How we buy Goods and Services

Interested in doing business with the Council? We buy goods and services in an open and transparent way. Find out more.

Financial Regulations

The Town Council manages its financial administration according to its Financial Regulations.  Some regulations are required by law and others represent current best practice. The Town Council reviews the Financial Regulations each year and makes necessary changes.

Financial Regulations 2016

Public Rights

The Council has a legal duty to issue and make public certain statutory notices relating to financial matters during the year.