Dover Arts Development Big Draw 2015

Since 2014, Dover Arts Development (DAD) have been involved with bringing the The Big Draw to Dover. The Big Draw is an international celebration of drawing that has grown from one day in October 2000, to an annual month-long festival of drawing across the world.  This year, supported by Kent County Council, Dover Big Local and Dover Town Council,  DAD organised The Big Draw / Drawing Workshop in Dover, held on  Monday 26th October 2015,  in the Discovery Centre . Professional local artist, Greg Stobbs, aka Squirl, assisted the participants with drawing their own fabulous creations.  Squirl has over 10 years experience of running arts projects and street art/Graffiti workshops in schools, also working with students with physical and learning disabilities and those no longer involved in formal education. A more permanent display of the drawings , including a design by Squirl  for a set of vinyl reproductions based on the drawings , will be placed in the windows of Dover Children’s Library for all visitors to see. Dover Arts Development hope that projects like the Big Draw will encourage people from Dover to record and communicate their experiences of the town and to foster interest in their environment. There is hope, too, that as drawing is a primary visual language, when done in a mixed community, it will help transcend language barriers and enhance communication.