myDover Porchlight Programme : Painting a Brighter Future for Dover’s Homeless

Porchlight , one of the foremost charities supporting the vulnerable and homeless in Kent, and Dover Smart Project, a community- based Art Project on the Kent Coast, have joined forces in a new scheme which they hope will be the catalyst for lasting social change within the town of Dover. The groups want to involve members of the community who are struggling with homelessness and other issues in a once a week art session. The plan is to work on individual panels that will eventually be put together to form a large mural,  graphically illustrating that everyone has the potential to be an active community member with each contributing their unique experience and wisdom to the whole. Porchlight has developed close ties with rough sleepers in Dover through their ‘Street Contact’ work, giving advice, helping to complete benefit applications and accessing health and social services as well as being there just to talk or to offer a hot drink. The Smart Project has worked to foster community spirit through art initiatives such as myDover and myNeighbourhood, giving people the opportunity to view where they live in a more positive light. Now through the myDover Porchlight Programme, these two charities hope to bring some of the most vulnerable members of society back into the community as well as to help them develop skills that will enhance their future prospects.