As part of its contribution to protecting the environment reducing utility bills & increasing sustainable ways of working, Dover Town Council has undertaken some work to look at alternatives to providing access to mains water for its allotment tenants.  Clearly, the requirement to collect and maximise use of rainwater on individual plots is expected from each allotment tenant and is reflected  in their allotment licences which are  on an annual basis, with sequential barrels for those with sheds or tunnels and mulch or groundcover required to keep moisture in the ground for all tenants.  A feasibility study was carried out looking at boreholes and large ground rainwater tanks.

Dover Town Council have successfully installed its first borehole within its Maxton allotments.  with an above ground  tank that holds up to 6000 litres of water a day and is completely run off of solar panels.  The bore hole is fitted with a pump which pumps water into the tank which then feeds out to taps situated all around the site giving all tenants access to water.  The Town Council no longer needs to access mains water for this site as it is completely independent in collecting its own water. Not only that but the water is more organic and better for the produce as it is collected naturally and untreated as apposed to mains water.  We are hoping to roll this project out to our other allotment sites in the future making our allotments completely self sufficient.

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