Dover Town Council held the first consultation on our Dover Place Plan on 23rd June 2023. There was a good cross-section of representatives from the town interested to look at and comment on our community plans and projects for the next 1-20 years. There was very positive feedback on all three of the Town Mayor of Dover, Cllr Sue Jones priorities – repurposing the Bench St “creative” hub – Future High St Fund; saving the Roundhouse for a community venue; and developing the Roman Painted House and lawn for the benefit of the Dover community and making it a landmark visitor experience for the 21st Century. Cllr Sue Jones had already discussed these projects and Dover Town Council’s proactive approach to the Dover Place Plan during her first meeting with the new Leader of Dover District Council, Kevin Mills in early June.

Leader of the District Council, Cllr Kevin Mills said he –recognised the value of DTC and its townsfolk being the primary contributors in deciding Dover’s future and I am in agreement with the Town Mayors priority projects.”

Town Mayor of Dover, Cllr Susan Jones said: “There is a really good opportunity for us to work in a truly equal partnership over the next four years and I will be seizing it with both hands.”

Plans for the Dover Place Plan are currently available at the Dover Town Council Offices. Further strategic consultations and talks will be planned throughout the year in helping Dover plan for its future.

Update 11/08/2023 – The Dover Place Plan, a comprehensive urban development initiative, has so far engaged over 520 participants through 3 consultation sessions and 4 meetings with organisations. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting support for a coherent plan covering various projects and areas, with a focus on preserving the town’s heritage. Participants endorse the identification of heritage as Dover’s defining characteristic, underlining the town’s unique history and identity.

Key points of support include the identification of heritage as a unique selling point, preparation of projects for future bids to avoid rushed, un-consulted submissions, and the proposed projects themselves. Individuals have shared their thoughts on different aspects of the plan, from traffic management to cultural attractions. Several participants advocate for a more cohesive presentation of the plan’s elements, accompanied by cost estimates for each project. The plan aims to transform Dover into a town of pride for both residents and visitors, focusing on heritage, well-designed spaces, and innovative attractions. Though various ideas have been proposed, consensus remains on the need for effective execution, financial viability, and consideration of Dover’s historical significance in the development process.

More Updates will Follow – News

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