The People of Dover Awards were launched 5 years ago by Dover Town Council, to honour the individuals, groups and businesses whose commitment, sense of community and personal involvement help to make Dover a wonderful place in which to live and work.

 Since 2013 there have been a host of award winners, each exemplifying the traits of selflessness, altruism and genuine humanity. As we come up to our 6th Awards Year, we look forward to receiving your nominations to help us recognise the shining stars of Dover, 2018.

Do you know someone that has gone the extra mile for the benefit for others?

If you want to say thank you for making your life a little better, then fill out a nomination form and let us know today!

The category descriptions have some suggestions to get you thinking. Every nomination will be considered.

You may nominate an individual, group or business to receive one of six awards from the categories listed below:-



Being a good employer makes your employees feel more valued and more effective in their work. Positive company culture is one reason       people like to work for an employer. Do you love your job? Do you have a good employer/manager you feel needs recognition?


Do you know a teacher worthy of celebration? Help us find one exceptional educator to be recognized, whether they are teaching you in the classroom, out at sea, in a studio or on your sofa. Nominate your favourite tutor & help celebrate top teachers all over Dover.


Do you have a neighbour that brings a smile to your face whenever you see them or greets you with a funny joke or a kind gesture? Do they go out of their way to help you out with running errands or even taking in parcels, we would like to hear about them.


Do you block out the date in your diary when you know they are playing? Are you willing to cancel date night just to go watch them? Are you a groupie? Do you drag your friends along even though they have seen them a thousand times before? Please let us help you celebrate your favourite Local Entertainer.


Are you on first name terms with your bus driver? Do you stop for a chat with the postie? Are you helped with your shopping by your local shop assistant? does the receptionist at your local doctors always make sure you get an appointment? We would like to help to say thank you to someone you feel goes above and beyond their job.


Do you plan your holidays around the Regatta? Do you change your Christmas shopping date around the Light Switch On? Do you dust your football boots off for the Dover Calais Festival of Sport? Do you save your money up for the Farmers Market? We would like to hear what event you love going to in the town to give an acknowledgement and say keep up the good work.

The people (or person) you nominate do not have to live in Dover but the contribution they have made must have benefitted either Dover Town or its residents.

The closing date for entries is Friday 2nd March 2018

After this date nominations will be shortlisted and then a public vote will open so that you can choose your winners.

Link to electronic nomination form:-

Keep your eye on our website for further details!