Planning for the Future Dover

A Neighbourhood Planning Workshop – Everybody Welcome


A Neighbourhood Planning Workshop is being held on Thursday morning 29th November 10 to 12.30 at the Biggin Hall behind the Town Council offices in Dover. Come along to share your ideas with others about how Dover could be made better over a cup of tea and a biscuit. The best plans are made when we all get together, bringing our experiences of the past and hopes for the future to the table.

A Steering Group of local voluntary organisations, businesses and public service providers has got things going but now we need everyone to get involved with the main bulk of the work – gathering evidence and sharing experiences and ideas about how Dover can be a better place to live and work.

What is Neighbourhood Planning?

Neighbourhood planning gives communities a chance to take the lead in producing part of the development plan for their area – a Neighbourhood Plan is a legal document and must be used when deciding on planning applications.

The rules around planning and development have changed.  There is increased pressure to develop more housing across the country and national planning policy is generally in favour of sustainable development. Dover District Council is responsible for deciding on overall levels of development and granting legal planning permissions for Dover Town as well as in Deal, Sandwich and the rural parishes in the Dover area. The Town Council comments on all Planning Applications in the Town but has no powers to prevent poor quality development such as conversions of large properties into too many tiny flats that are primarily aimed at making profit for the developer.

A Neighbourhood Plan for Dover Town will contribute to decision making and help make sure that future development is

·       vibrant, attractive and well designed

·       in the public best interest balancing social, economic and environmental considerations

The Town Council will co-ordinate and support the making of the plan but you – the local community – decide what you want for Dover. People with passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of the Town can make a real difference and change things for the better.

Making a Neighbourhood Plan needs everyone to contribute their ideas, hopes and vision for Dover – so the process gives plenty of time and opportunity for everyone to get involved.

At the end of the process the Plan will be examined independently by a Planning Inspector and then put to the vote in a local referendum to be absolutely sure that it says what you – the people of Dover – want it to say. Everyone who lives, works or represents an organisation delivering a service in Dover is welcome.

Let us know you are coming –

email us at ,  phone us (01304 242625), or just call in or drop a line to the Town Council Offices, Maison Dieu House, Biggin Street, Dover CT16 1DW

See you on 29th November!