Council supports local children to learn on-line

80 households in Dover are just about to get vital help to learn on-line with a refurbished computer or tablet.  Councillors have given £1,200 from their Ward Grant budgets to local organisation Top-Up-To-Teach to deliver this much needed support to children who have been unable to go to school during the pandemic.  Top-Up-To-Teach organises the refurbishment of the machines with volunteers and professionals to make sure they are safe and ready to use and then works with local schools to get them to where they are most needed. Families are often having to share machines between brothers and sisters or are struggling with only the tiny screen of a mobile phone. Parents may be juggling working from home and helping with schoolwork at the same time. This grant is a boost for local people in a tough time and many more of our children will be now able to get in contact with their teachers and access the on-line lessons schools are working so hard to deliver.