Dover Town Council is delighted to announce that Cllr Sue Jones has been named as one of 3 finalists for the national award for STAR COUNCILLOR OF 2015. The Star Award is NALC’s (National Association of Local Councils) way of recognising the hard work and dedication of people in local government whose efforts, often unsung and sometimes unnoticed, are integral to the quality of life in the community.  A tireless worker for the betterment of Dover, Sue’s ideas and hard work have led to such diverse improvements as the Community Toilet Scheme and renovation of the East Cliff toilets, to the LED street lighting upgrade in the town centre as well as the  distinctive blue and gold street furniture and signage. The transformation of the town’s allotment system and subsequent provision of 250 safe and well maintained allotment plots in the town were also thanks to Sue’s vision and determination. The inauguration of the Dover Greeters, who have become a local institution in a very short time and the creation of the Town Team to encourage entrepreneurship and foster local commerce, is Sue again. Not to mention her public consultations and ongoing dialogues with her constituents which have ensured that the people of Dover have had a say in matters such as the privatisation of the Port of Dover- The Parish Poll revealed that people did not want that and their voices were heard. Sue is a busy woman but never too busy to listen to her constituents. She not only listens but acts, and does so with flair. A town council spokesman said of Sue, “She has always exceeded the hours, effort and energy anyone could expect of a town councillor, taking the council and town on a fun-filled adventure to make Dover sparkle again.” The winner will be decided on the 27th of October.





Cllr Sue Jones, wife, mother, Town and District Councillor and CEO of Pebbles CIC , East Cliff, Dover Sea Front