Rhwydwaith Tref Masnach Deg Dover yn Derbyn Statws Cymunedol Newydd

A huge congratulations to the Dover Fairtrade Network, who have been successful in renewing the Fairtrade community status until 2027.

This year the Fairtrade Fortnight 2024 event which will shine a spotlight on the climate crisis and the increasing threat it poses to some of the planet’s most beloved food products as well as the livelihoods of the farmers and agricultural workers who grow them. Further work from local organisations and individuals participating in fair trade initiatives will bring about more awareness of fairtrade to Dover at the next Fairtrade Fortnight annual event, this year it will be held internationally during September 2024.

Dover Fairtrade Town Network meet regularly– anyone interested in attending and /or wanting to know more about our Fairtrade groups please contact pmbrivio@icloud.com. Alternatively you can follow thieir facebook page: Rhwydwaith Tref Masnach Deg Dover.