Baton Relay saapuu Doverin linnaan

Käytössä 7thHeinäkuu, Kansainyhteisön pelien yhteydessä, Queens Baton -viesti saapui Doverin linnaan raskaan mutta inspiroivan matkansa jälkeen Kansainyhteisön ympäri. The event not only created a way for the people of Dover to celebrate the collective effort of the nations involved but also allowed Dover to be significantly represented in the relay Batons Journey. Tapahtuman aloitti Doverin kaupunginjohtaja Gordon Cowan, and was followed with a speech highlighting the importance and success of our communities’ Baton bearers and the talent of the local performers.

The Queens Baton Relay made an exquisite entrance to the White Cliffs of Dover before leading towards a commemorative party involving around 2500 people at Dover Castle where the baton bearers were warmly welcomed. This relay is the 16th official Queens Baton Relay involving up to 2500 miles and is now on set to arrive in Birmingham where the commonwealth games will open on the 28th Heinäkuu, Siitä huolimatta Dover, jolla on huomattava maine White Cliffs Countryna, on ollut iloinen saadessaan olla vain pieni osa suuren matkan prosessissa.