Remembrance Sunday Service and Parade Dover War Memorial – Sunday 12 نومبر 2023

یاد اتوار ڈوور مردوں پر 11.00am میں, women and children gathered at the People of Dover’s War Memorial to honour the memory of all the service men and women who gave their lives in armed conflicts past and present. زائد 50 wreaths were laid during the service, covering the memorial in red poppies, as a token of the Town’s thanks for the sacrifices made to secure our peace and freedom.

معیارات کی پریڈ, سابق فوجیوں اور دیگر تنظیموں مائیسن سے Dieu ہاؤس کے سامنے جہاں دو منٹ کی خاموشی اختیار سوک رہنماؤں کے ساتھ منایا گیا میں جنگی یادگار پر مارچ کیا. The wreath laying was led by the Deputy Lieutenant of Kent, The Lord Northbourne, on behalf of His Majesty the King, ڈوور کے قصبے کے مئیر کی طرف سے پیروی کی, کونسلر سوسن جونز, the Chairperson of Dover District Council, Cllr Gordon Cowan and Member of Parliament for Dover and Deal Mrs. نٹالی ایلفیک. Wreaths were then laid by representatives of the uniformed services and veterans associations. Everyone was welcome to pay their tribute including local organisations and the families of the fallen.

Our thanks go to all those who attended our service to remember the fallen including the White Cliffs Branch of the Royal British Legion who set out the Garden of Remembrance and collected for the Poppy Appeal in all weathers over the last two weeks. We are also grateful for the oration by Nick Chatwin Rn(ر), پیarade Marshal Mr Alan Tinker of the Dover and Deal Sea Cadets, Mr John Harknett of the Royal Green Jackets Association for playing the last post and reveille, Betteshanger Colliery Welfare Band and Cantium Brass Band for leading the music, the Standard Bearers, and the young people of our Cadet forces who attended and acted as sentries during the service.

میموریل سروس کی ذمہ داری ریورنڈ کیتھرین ٹکر ٹیم ریکٹر نے ڈوور ٹاؤن ٹیم منسٹری اور فلیٹ کے لیے کی تھی۔. لیفٹیننٹ. میلکم ساویر, RAFVR (ر), رائل برٹش لیجن کرنے پادری (ڈوور).

The service finished with one verse of National Anthem.

پریڈ پھر میئر سینٹ کی سلامی لی جہاں مارکیٹ اسکوائر کو شہر کے ذریعے واپس مارچ کیا. میریز چرچ.

Photo-Credits: البانی فوٹوگرافی۔