The People of Dover Awards are Taking Nominations

The People of Dover Awards were launched to thank the people who make a real difference to the town of Dover or its residents. It will shine a light on ordinary people who help to improve the quality of life for others and celebrate the excellent work done by individuals, groups and businesses across the town.

Do you know someone that has gone the extra mile for the benefit for others? If so, send us your nominations now! It doesn’t have to have been a long standing or ongoing activity; it might have been a one off helping hand or special effort. But if you want to say thank you for making Dover a better place then fill out a nomination form and let us know today!

The category descriptions are deliberately left open and we’ve offered some suggestions to get you thinking. Every nomination will be considered. You may nominate an individual, group or business to receive one of the six awards from the categories listed below:-

Outstanding Contribution to

Business in Dover: Is there a business you feel is very special, has gone the extra mile or improved the town? Maybe you’d like to see your employer, your local shop or even your hairdresser thanked for something. Whether it’s an individual, a small or large business we’d like to hear from you!

Beautiful Dover: Who do you know that has worked hard to make Dover Beautiful? Are you aware of an individual or group that has started a new project that improves the look of the town or maybe someone that brightens up their street with a well kept house and garden?

Helping Your Neighbour: This award is to someone for what they do for their neighbours or their neighbourhood. Maybe you know someone that helps out with shopping, cleaning or gardening or you just want to thank someone for clearing the snow from your path or maybe there’s a local resident who keeps the community centre going?

kalusugan, Sport and the Wellbeing of Dover: Know someone that has made a real difference to your or someone else’s health or wellbeing? Maybe you’d like to nominate a coach that has gone the extra mile for their team, or you are grateful to a friend for keeping you motivated on your fitness or diet goal. Whatever it may be, let us know!

The Heritage of Dover: Tell us about someone you’d like to see rewarded for their effort in conserving or promoting Dover’s heritage and history. Whether it be talks, walks, maintaining paths and river ways or something else, send us your nomination!

Voluntary & Community Work in Dover: This award can be for an individual, group or organisation that has given their time freely for the benefit of Dover town residents or contributed to the wider community through their work and dedication. Maybe you’d like to see your local community centre recognised or the leader of the local Youth Club rewarded for their time and effort?


Remember the person you nominate does not have to live in Dover but the contribution they have made must have benefited either Dover Town or its residents.

The Closing Date for Entries is Friday 27th February 2015

After this date, nominations will be shortlisted before being voted on by you the public.