Doverio miesto taryba nori propaguoti ir skatinti vaikščiojimą mieste kaip sveikos gyvensenos dalį. Iki šios pabaigos, bendruomenei buvo sukurti trys įvairūs maršrutai. Maršrutai apima miesto paveldą, turizmas, transportas ir gamta bei diapazonas nuo maždaug 24 minučių iki 2 valandų. All three routes start and finish at the Market Square, Doveris.

To start planning your route, click on one of the links below to take you to street by street details for each route along with further information on the history of the route.


Route 1 VML ColourRoute One (Approximately 24 protokolas)

This route takes in the sites of the town centre in a leisurely stroll suitable for all ages and abilities.

Dovers Route 1 – Street by Street

Route OneHistory




Route 2 VML Colour

Route Two (Approximately 1 hour)

Route Two begins and ends at Market Square, taking in a broader aspect of the town centre of Dover, as well as an optional detour to the castle. It is suitable for people of all ages and abilities who wish to know Dover in a more intimate way.

Dovers Route 2 – Street by Street

Route TwoHistory



Route 3 VML ColourRoute Three (Approximately 2 Valandos)

This route takes in the sites of the town as well as an exploration of the environs. This route has more variations of terrain and steeper gradations as the town gives way to countryside.

Dovers Route 3 – Street by Street

Route ThreeHistory