Прогулянка з Амаль – «Дувр потребує набагато більше цього», — каже мер Дувра, Радник Гордон Коуен

“It’s an amazing and important event for Dover”

“It’s great to see an event link the Town and the Castle”

“Wonderful and spectacular – the lanterns are beautiful”

Hundreds of local people carrying 500 handmade lanterns and stars turned out on Wednesday 20ї October to greet Amal and walk with her in procession from Pencester Gardens up to Dover Castle. At the Castle a new Lighthouse of Stars was lit up as a sign of welcome and hope to those seeking safety and refuge.

Амаль - це лялька -дитина -біженець висотою 3,5 м, зроблена тими, хто створив Бойового коня. She is walking 8000km from the Syrian border across Europe to Manchester to highlight the plight of child refugees and raise awareness and understanding in the communities she visits.

Dover’s Future Foundry CIC, supported with a grant of £1,500 from the Town Council, organised the event in Dover involving children from local schools and members of the public. Thank you to everyone who supported Walk with Amal. Ви є доказом того, що Дувр – це небайдужа спільнота

Future Foundry have made a lovely film about their preparations about Walk with Amal which can be accessed here http://futurefoundry.org.uk/?page_id=3521.

You can share the excitement of the evening procession by viewing Future Foundry film of the event itself here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVimtIHqh8k&ab_channel=FutureFoundry