Speaker Of the Cinque Ports – Ημέρα ομιλητών

Ο ομιλητής αναλαμβάνει το ρόλο του προέδρου και του κύριου εκπροσώπου της Cinque Ports Confederation. Αυτό το αξιότιμο αξίωμα κατέχεται αυτόματα από τον δήμαρχο της πόλης καθενός από τα κύρια λιμάνια και δύο αρχαίων πόλεων. Αυτή η διαδοχή ακολουθεί μια μοναδική διαδικασία γνωστή ως «επταετής επανάσταση».,’ whereby the role transfers from one town to another on the 21st of May each year. For the current municipal year, 2023-2024, this honour has been bestowed upon Dover Town. The esteemed role of Speaker is now fulfilled by The Right Worshipful The Town Mayor of Dover and Speaker of the Cinque Ports, Cllr Susan Jones. The focal point of the year will be the upcoming Speakers Day, scheduled for Saturday, October 7th, 2023. During this event, all the Cinque Ports Mayors and various dignitaries will convene in Dover for a Civic Procession, followed by a ‘Thankyou & Recognition to the Sea Orationand RNLI Tug Boat Display.

Link to Procession Route and Itinerary: GOOGLE MAPS