Nechajte hudbu začať………..

Mestská rada toto leto v Doveri podporuje hudobné vzdelávanie na svetovej úrovni pre mladých ľudí vo výške 1 000 libier. Projekt Jazz Journey, the Lets Dance Project and the Music Summer School will be held at schools in the Town this year and will build on the success of last year’s music events which also received Town Council funding and enthusiastic support.

More information can be obtained from organisers Deal Festival of Music and the Arts together with their exciting programme of events in our local area.

Could your organisation or project benefit from Town Council support? Why not have a chat with your local Ward Councillor (see radkyňa ), download information about our grant schemes (Granty), give us a call on 01304 242625 or just pop in and see us at Maison Dieu House?