Pilietinės protokolas

We have produced a Civic Guide to help the Town Mayor, Deputy Mayor, their escorts/consorts and Councillors to understand the civic roles and responsibilities of the Mayoralty and provide useful information, which may be of assistance when undertaking a civic role. Date Adopted: 29.10.2014. A copy of this document is also available in large print please contact the office if this is required.

The Mayor of Dover serves, represents and leads the community of the Town. The first Mayor of Dover took office in 1086, per 1000 years ago and is a position of honour and respect within the Town. The role of the Town Council and the Mayoralty is constantly evolving and changing. Over recent years there has been increased public scrutiny of the Mayoral role and assessment of its benefits and costs to the Town and people of Dover. The Town Council is committed to being fully transparent and accountable.

Atsisiųskite mūsų Pilietinės vadovas.

Our Pilietinės vadovas covers the following topics:

  1. The Role of Mayor
    • Background
    • Ambicijos planas
    • The Role of Mayor as the Chairman of the Council
    • Pilietinis mero vaidmuo
  2. Kvietimai ir renginiai
  3. Merė ir konsortas
  4. Mero kapelionas
  5. Mero kadetas
  6. „Pilietinė regalija“
  7. Parama merui
  8. Labdaringa mero veikla
  9. Mero kanceliarijos išlaidos
  10. Deputy Mayor
  11. Pirmenybė ir protokolas
  12. Dovanos
  13. Mero metų pabaiga
  14. Tarybos delegacijos

Mes taip pat turime puikų bukletą, skirtą vaikams, ypač naudinga, jei lankotės „Maison Dieu House“. Atsisiųskite mūsų Pilietinis bukletas.