Town Mayor of Dover Councillor Neil Rix becomes Speaker of the Cinque Ports

Town Mayor of Dover Councillor Neil Rix with the Mayoress Mrs Jackie Rix and the Lord Warden and Admiral of the Cinque Ports, Admiral of the Fleet the Lord Boyce

Starosta mesta Dover, Councillor Neil Rix became Speaker of the Cinque Ports in the historic annual “septennial revolution” ceremony. King Henry III granted the Confederation of the Cinque Ports its first known Charter in 1260 bringing together the key coastal Towns in south-east England in a defensive alliance. The Confederation maintains the links to the historic heritage and works to promote the value of naval and seafaring skills in the community today. The Speaker acts as Chairman and principal representative of the Confederation in a role that goes back continuously over 600 years until at least 1357.

The Cinque Ports are known as the cradle of the Royal Navy and Dover is still one of the UK’s major ports. Many Dover people have links with the Port themselves or through family members. The Royal Navy Ship HMS Kent visited the Town recently and Marine Skills Academy opened last year aimed at training the men and women who will take Dover’s marine tradition forward in the 21st Century.