Program letných podujatí

Get ready for an exciting summer in Dover! We are thrilled to present the highly anticipated summer events programme, a vibrant showcase of performances that will bring energy and creative performers to both the Market Square, Pencester Gardens and Marina Curve. The lineup is bursting with artistic brilliance, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. More details below for each of the theatrical productions, these events are sure to captivate audiences of all ages and interests. Funded by Dover Town Council


Back to Us – Glenn Graham
Hosted by Doorstep Duets New Adventures

Poloha 1: Trhové námestie, Dover
dátum(čas): Saturday 29th July (11:00ráno)

Poloha 2: Marina Curve, Dover
dátum(čas): Saturday 29th July (12:45popoludnie)

Glenn Graham, Resident Artist, and acclaimed New Adventures company dancer has created Back to Us; a new work that explores the importance of friendship and the need for connection. In a small town there are three best friends. They are companions, a team, a crew, and their entire world revolves around each other. School, relationships, and family, together they can face it all. But as they grow up, life tests their connection as they are separated and forced to face the tests of love, compassion, and loyalty. There are friendships that endure and there are friendships that fade away; either way they make us who we are.

Bad Dad by David Walliams
Hosted by HeartBreak Productions

Poloha: Pencester Gardens, Dover
dátum(čas): Sunday 3oth July (4:30pm-6:30 popoludnie)

Frank’s dad, Gilbert, wasn’t always considered a criminal. In Fact, to Frank and the locals, he was no other than the legendary ‘King of the track’, Gilbert the Great. That was until a tragic accident put a stop to his track-racing days. Feeling like he has gone ‘from hero to zero’, Frank’s father became tempted by the dark allure of life as a get-away driver. Join Heartbreak Productions for this warm-hearted tale that follows the highs and lows of a father-son relationship. An open-air adaptation of David Walliams Bad Dad is the perfect summer family entertainment. So pack your picnics, grab your sun cream, something to sit on and join Frank and Gilbert as they navigate their way through car chases and convicts in the struggle to escape the clutches of the local crime lord and clear Gilbert’s name.

The Wagon of Dreams
Hosted by Jelly Fish Theatre

Poloha 1: Pencester Gardens, Dover
dátum(čas): Sunday 13th August (1pm-2pm)

Poloha 2: Marina Curve, Dover
dátum(čas): Sunday 13th August (4pm-5pm)

Get ready for an exciting ocean adventure as three best friends embark on a journey into an extraordinary world! Discover the enchanting mermaids and sea creatures that reside in the magicalWagon of Dreams.This interactive experience will bring joy and laughter with its puppetry, fun, and original music. Immerse yourself in the captivating underwater world, where surprises await around every corner. Don’t miss this unforgettable escapade filled with friendship, laughter, and enchantment. Plus, all performances are relaxed and include integrated sign-supported English, making it accessible to everyone. Join the adventure now!

Fish Out of Water
Hosted by Michaela Cisarikova Dance Company

Poloha 1: Pencester Gardens, Dover
dátum(čas): Saturday 19th August (1pm-2pm)

Poloha 2: Marina Curve, Dover
dátum(čas): Saturday 19th August (3pm-4pm)

Fish Out of Water is a fresh, family-friendly outdoor dance performance using hip-hop, interactive sculptures & responsive music to explore themes of belonging, otherness, displacement & migrancy. Follow the dancers as they find themselves in a strange new place and help them overcome bizarre, colourful obstacles. By the end of the show, you can help them build a home somewhere new and show them that whatever challenges we face, we are stronger together. This unique piece is truly interactive, responsive and accessible to the audienceeach community brings their own elements to the production and every show is different.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit & Benjamin Bunny by Beatrix Potter
Hosted by Quantum Theatre

Poloha: Pencester Gardens, Dover
dátum(čas): Sunday 3rd September (2pm-4pm)

Get ready for an exciting adventure with Peter Rabbit and his mischievous cousin Benjamin! Quantum brings you a magical version of two famous stories by Beatrix Potter‘The Tale of Peter Rabbitand ‘The Tale of Benjamin Bunny. Peter and Benjamin are two playful bunnies who have been warned not to go into Mr McGregor’s Garden. But their curiosity gets the better of them, and they can’t resist exploring. Soon enough, they come face to face with Mr McGregor himself! Will they be able to find a way to escape? Join Peter and Benjamin on their thrilling escapades in a brand-new adaptation by Michael Whitmore. This story is perfect for both young and old, filled with excitement and fun. You won’t want to miss it!