New Standard Bears Name of Dover’s Own White Cliffs Branch of The Royal British Legion

For the first time in many years, Dover has its own branch of the Royal British Legion. The new White Cliffs Branch is based at the Whitfield Social Club on Napchester Road at Whitfield and new members are warmly welcomed. Dover Town Council was proud to present Vice Chairman Mr Ted Smith with a Standard bearing the White Cliffs name, handmade by Newton & Newton. A spokesman from the White Cliffs branch said, “We will be proud to carry the Standard at all ceremonial occasions in Dover and the surrounding area. As Dover was the original place where the Royal British Legion met we feel very pleased that with Dover Town Council’s help we can put Dover back on the Royal British Legion map.”

Vice Chairman of The White Cliffs Branch Royal British Legion Ted Smith

Vice Chairman of the White Cliffs Branch of the Royal British Legion, جناب. Ted Smith, Dover Town Council Offices