Remembrance Sunday Service and Parade Dover War Memorial Sunday 8 نومبر 2015

اتوار کو 11.00am میں 8 نومبر 2015, 97 میں امن پر دستخط سے سال 1918, ڈوور تمام فوجیوں اور خواتین اپنے ملک کی خدمت میں ان کی زندگی دی ہے کہ سوچے سمجھے.


معیار کی ایک پریڈ, veterans and other organisations will assemble outside Marks & Spencer in Biggin Street at 10.30am and march to the War Memorial in front of the Maison Dieu House where two minutes silence will be observed at 11.00am.


This year we are especially pleased to have the new White Cliffs Branch of the Royal British Legion parading its new standard. At the end of the Memorial Service conducted by the Honorary Chaplain, Reverend John Walker the parade will march back through the town to the Market Square. Councillor Chris Precious, the Right Worshipful Town Mayor of Dover, will take the salute at St. میریز چرچ.


Service sheets will be available to members of the public; پروری روڈ کو گول چکر سے لیڈی ویل ٹریفک لائٹس تک عارضی طور پر بند کر دیا جائے گا جبکہ سروس جاری ہے.