Future Foundry – Fechando o Programa Loop para 16-30 anos

Closing the Loop

New Programme for 16 - 30 anos: Charlton Centre, Dover

Develop Creative Skills, Work as an Artist, Protect the Planet

Future Foundry have an exciting new 10-week programme starting on 9th March for young people aged 16 para 30 to explore how creativity and imagination can help make the world a cleaner, greener place.

The programme will offer one day a week of scheduled workshops, talks and visits; one day with a technician to support self-directed making; and one free studio day. They are also providing free studio space for 3 days a week. Attendance on all days isn’t a requirement and anyone at school or uni can just attend the Saturday workshop programme.

They’ve got some really inspiring artists and practitioners lined up to visit Dover. They will visit local sustainability projects, see circular economy principles and practices in action, discover innovative solutions to waste, gain lots of creative skills, work with natural materials, build projects and learn about working as a group.

Future Foundry previously ran this programme in Dover, Sheppey and Gravesend and got a great mix of young people, from those wanting to gain basic creative skills to those interested in climate action, activism, and sustainable business.

Future Foundry have 20 fully funded places, and no experience or qualifications are required, though an interest in creativity, culture or the environment would be beneficial. Beginners are very welcome.

Contact office@futurefoundry.org.uk

or visit website: www.futurefoundry.org.uk