High Meadows helyi természetvédelmi terület kiterjesztése

A High Meadow Helyi Természetvédelmi Terület gyönyörű és ritka füves krétaterületét a során bővítették 2013/14 a White Cliff Country Partnership egy nemzeti lottó által finanszírozott projekt első fázisában, amelyet Dover városi tanácsa kezdeményezett, amely a föld tulajdonosa, és azt reméli, hogy helyreállítja az 1950-es évekbeli állapotot. This first phase involved the removal of dilapidated structures and the installation of stock fencing. Phase 2 requires a further clearing of scrub, rubbish and hazardous materials on the chalk land lying west of Noah’s Ark Road. One of the most positive results of this upcoming phase is that it will connect High Meadow, Whinless Down and Nemo Down to form 62 hectares of continuous chalk grassland much of which will be available for recreational use by local people.

This grassland has existed for hundreds, or even thousands of years and when well-maintained, is one of the most naturally rich habitats for flora and fauna, including many rare butterflies and exquisite orchids. There is an opportunity for qualified undertakings to bid for the clearance work allowing this exceptional land to be enjoyed by generations to come.

The Deadline for Tenders is 12 midday Friday 4th Szeptember 2015.