Sunrise Café – A Community Café for Dover welcoming everyone!

Who does not need food, conversation and a sense of belonging that comes from taking part? This lies behind a new initiative in DoverSunrise Cafe.

Dover Town Council got behind the new Sunrise Community Café with a £5,000 grant at the recent meeting of the Civic and Special Projects Committee. The café is the latest venture for the Dover Outreach Centre Charity which aims to give those who find themselves homeless a route back into a better life. The latest grant adds to over £38,000 of grants given in the past few years as the charity works to become self-sustaining.

Радник Pam Brivio, Chair of the Civic and Special projects Committee reported the grant to the full meeting of the Town Council and said

We are delighted to give this grant to this new approach bringing everyone together, sharing good food and giving those who need it a helping hand out of food poverty.

The new community café is now open, based in the former Seafarers Centre, 168-172 Snargate Street, Дувр. Professionally run and with a focus on ensuring those who need assistance get support and nourishing hot meals for themselves and their families it offers a warm welcome to everyone. A “pay what you can” model is in place and the menu has price tiers – full price, a price for those on benefits and for those with no access to benefits, – so that everyone “pays what they can”.

Також планується система ваучерів/оплата заздалегідь, щоб представники громадськості могли пожертвувати та подарувати страви іншим, щоб ніхто не голодував. Харчування можна субсидувати або покращити за схемою ваучерів, безкоштовне харчування може бути надано тим, у кого немає джерела доходу та немає можливості приготувати собі гарячу їжу. Sunrise is keen to reach out to families and individuals in need of support and will therefore be tailoring different services to suit all of their customers. Full paying customers will be helping others in a constructive way.

Кафе також запропонує роботу, можливості навчання та волонтерства для підтримки людей, формування навиків і впевненості.

З роботи, проведеної з благодійними організаціями, agencies and other organisations it is evident that Dover has many areas with a high percentage of disadvantaged individuals and families facing financial challenges. Many do not work and are struggling to manage on the benefits they receive. Також, є ті, хто не звертається до державних коштів, грубі спальні і взагалі бездомні (диван -серфери) кому вигідна ця ініціатива.

Sunrise Café would love you to keep up to date with their activities by following their page on Facebook and on Instagram @sunrisecafedover. They would be delighted to receive any donations or offers of support. Do please get in touch with them! (Sunrise Café, 168-172 Snargate Street, Дувр, CT17 9BZ – Телефон 01304 339022 -E-mail

Our picture shows the Town Mayor, Councillor Gordon Cowan at the formal opening of the Sunrise Cafe.