Dover’s Market Square Kitchen – part of our community

Dover’s Market Square Kitchen is much more than a café.

The Independent Police Advisory Group meets there regularly for a lively discussion of community issues. A priority is connecting the police and other public services with the wide range of diverse local groups in Dover. National Hate Crime Week this year (9th - 16th Oktober) saw local PSCO’s Brett and Critchley meeting members of the public over a cup of coffee and able to chat informally about issues and concerns in the safe and friendly environment of the Kitchen.

Under covid-19 lockdowns støttede køkkenet og dets kunder lokale familier i nød ved at donere julemiddage og gratis madpakker som en del af Markus Rashford Initiative for at sikre, at lokale børn ikke gik sultne i skoleferierne.

Køkkenet har flere planer i støbeskeen og sagde –

“This year we’ve teamed up with Age UK and we are hosting a new venture beginning next month called “Brunch Club” for over 55s and vulnerable adults where we are offering special affordable offers and some companionship and a space to socialise and meet other people to help tackle loneliness and other issues faced by the community group which Age UK help.”

Pop into the Market Square Kitchen to find out more or follow them on Facebook.

MSK are tenants in the building renovated and converted by LoveDover, a charity which was set up with funding from Dover Town Council to deliver a practical regeneration programme in the centre of Dover