DOVER GREETERS가 지역사회 이익 기업이 되다

에서 2012 도버 타운의회는 자원봉사자들의 모임을 위해 운영하는 인사 서비스를 시작했습니다., 여름철에 마을을 방문하는 관광객들에게 인사하고 조언합니다., 모든 질문에 답하고 일반적으로 타운에 환영받는 느낌을 주기 위해. 그때부터, Dover Greeters는 점점 더 강해졌습니다., becoming an integral part of life in Dover. Their friendly smiles and familiar blue uniforms have become as much a part of the town as the historic buildings and sites they help to showcase. This month Dover Greeters signed a Service Level Agreement with Dover Town Council and have now become Dover Heritage CIC, enabling them to become a standalone entity. Denise Smith, a charter member of the original Greeters, and now a director of the new company said, “Dover Greeters would like to say a huge thank you to Dover Town Council for setting up and supporting us over the last 3 년. We look forward to a continuing and happy partnership now we are paddling our own canoe. As volunteers, we work very hard for Dover, meeting and greeting visitors and helping them to enjoy and appreciate our wonderful town

This was echoed by Councillor Sue Jones who said, “I am delighted to hand the management of Dover Greeters to Dover Heritage CIC. I always hoped this would be a community run venture and the Greeters have done such an excellent job to date helping people to get to know and love Dover.”

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Pauline Sonnex, Liz Dimech, Peter Sparshott, Mary Nicholls and Denise Smith