Ödüllü Marvel illüstratörü Bex Glendining Dover'a geliyor

Future Foundry ücretsiz bir sürümü duyurmaktan gurur duyuyor, Dover'daki gençlere yönelik illüstratörle resmi olmayan eskiz ve sohbet oturumu, çizgi roman sanatçısı ve renk uzmanı Bex Glendining. 11 Kasım Cumartesi günü yaşlı gençlere yönelik bir atölye çalışması gerçekleştirilecek. 11-16, Future Foundry'nin haftalık etkinliğinin bir parçası olarak Dover'da Biggin Hall'da, ücretsiz cumartesi sanat kulübü, The Forge, which runs from midday to 3pm.
Bex Glendining, who likes ‘drawing vampires, tiny homes and quiet scenes’, has an impressive client list including Netflix, Marvel and the BBC, alongside incredible book cover designs and imaginative projects that glow with a supernatural beauty.
Just like in their incredible illustrations, Bex will gently illuminate their own drawing techniques and share industry knowledge, talking about their career journey and shining a light on what it takes to be a freelance illustrator. It’s an opportunity for those who are curious about drawing, and we are especially keen for participants who are shy, introverted or express themselves through drawing. If you are a young Dover resident, you can apply for the workshop by emailing office@futurefoundry.org.ukplease note spaces are limited.
For further information on Bex can be found İşte, and organisers Future Foundry İşte. Görüşme talepleri için, görüntüler ve daha fazla bilgi, Bizi ulaşın: office@futurefoundry.org.uk