The People of Dover Awards were launched 3 years ago by Dover Town Council, with the support of The Dover Mercury, to honour the individuals, groups and businesses whose commitment, sense of community and personal involvement help to make Dover a wonderful place in which to live and work. De cand 2013 there have been a host of award winners, each exemplifying the traits of selflessness, altruism and genuine humanity. As we come up to our 4th Awards Year, we look forward to receiving your nominations to help us recognise the shining stars of Dover, 2016.

If you would like to say thank you to someone for making Dover a better place then fill out a nomination form and tell us about them today.

You may nominate an individual, group or business to receive one of six awards from the categories listed below. It doesn’t have to be a long standing or ongoing activity; it may have been a one off helping hand or special effort. If someone has impressed you with their kindness, dedication, or just plain old common decency, tell us the good news. Fill in a form today and help make this year’s People of Dover Awards the best one yet.

This year we are seeking nominations in the following 6 categories and we look forward to hearing from you soon.



Is there a business you feel has improved the overall quality of life in Dover? It could be your amazing, always available hairdresser or the corner shop that never shuts. It may be a new business offering a service that was unavailable before, or an existing business that has always gone the extra mile to make Dover a better place with its friendly faces and first rate service. Whether it’s an individual or a team, tell us all about it!



Is there a group or an individual who has started a project to improve the look of Dover or someone whose immaculate home and garden raise the whole tone of the neighbourhood? Wherever you have been touched by someone’s attempts at honouring the town by making things look nicer, let us know about it and them-let’s recognise the beautiful people who make Dover beautiful!



This award is for someone who exemplifies the term good neighbour. It could be someone who keeps the community centre running smoothly or someone who helps out with shopping, errands, cleaning or gardening. Maybe it is someone who runs the neighbourhood watch or someone who has taken in parcels for you while you have been out at work. Nominate that someone today and let us help you say thank you to someone who has helped you.



We all aspire to being healthy, wealthy and wise but of the three aspirations; it is no coincidence that health always comes first in the list. Do you know someone who has made a real difference to you or someone else’s health and lifestyle? Has someone inspired you to take up a sport or motivated you to reach a fitness goal? Maybe there is a coach who has gone all out for the team or the leader of a slimming club who has helped you reach your dream weight. We want to hear about the people who are positive forces for health in Dover.



In a town as old and venerable as Dover, heritage is often taken for granted. Every street we walk upon bears the mark of the past, ensuring that we move into the future on a firm and sure footing, knowing who we are and where we have come from. It is thanks to the work of countless unsung heroes that we are able to enjoy the many traces of the past. Who can you think of today who is actively promoting the preservation and conservation of our town’s history and keeping the past alive for the generations to come? Tell us about them so that we can sing their praises today.



Many times those who feel called to provide service to the community do so not for any thanks or reward but out of a genuine desire to help their fellow man. Their efforts may go upraised but certainly not un-noticed. Now is your chance to celebrate these caring people whose quiet kindness and reliable generosity of time and spirit make the world, and Dover, a better place.


The person (or persons) you nominate do not have to live in Dover but their contribution must have benefited the town of Dover or its people.

The closing date for entries is 19th February 2016.

After this date nominations will be shortlisted and then a public vote will open so that you can choose your winners.


Link to electronic nomination form:-


Keep your eye on our website and the Dover Mercury newspaper for further details!