„Бягане за реката“ в Лондонския маратон!

Local teacher, Karen Ash, is running the London Marathon this year in support of Our Finest Dour, raising money to help us continue our river cleans and environmental and educational activities.

Karen has been teaching Geography at Dover Girls Grammar School for the last 9 години, and taking year groups to the river Dour which runs through Dover. This river is one of only a handful of chalk streams left in the world. It forms a rare habitat for many flora & fauna in the local area but is under threat from many areas such as pollution, litter, and construction.

‘Our Finest Dour’ is a charity organisation that aims to raise awareness about this 4mile river. Not only to train volunteers & organise clean up groups, but also engage with childrens groups to educate them on the wildlife the river supports, and how it can be sustainably managed. Running the London Marathon this year and with their local running club JellylegsDeal it will enable the support of a local cause & give something back to the River Dour after many years of greatly enjoying traveling its length with my students.

Crowd funding is available тук to support ‘Running for the River’. More information about the local wildlife and White Cliffs Countryside partnership at https://www.whitecliffscountryside.org.uk/