Dover Town Council is delighted with the news that the Marine Management Organisation has approved the Harbour Revision Order. And even more delighted that the MMO has addressed this Council’s issues fully in its decision statement. The decision statement demonstrates clearly that the Town’s objections have been met and concessions made because Dover Town Council did not give into political pressure and retained its integrity and independence.

Dover Town Council welcomes the confirmation that the current Chairman of DHB will be replaced as demanded by this Council – and that the re-appointment of directors to DHB will be thoroughly scrutinised by external bodies.

Cllr Chris Precious commented that, “It is worth noting that none of the apocalyptic prophecies (no community directors/return to the bad old days and a public enquiry) predicted by various parties have come to pass or that they ever formed part of the decision process.

After 5 years of negotiations and representation on behalf of the people of Dover, this is good news for the town and for the port. We can now move forward together for the benefit of the whole community. All our best wishes go to the new community directors whose work will soon begin in earnest. Our Town Meeting on Thursday 3rd March gives us an opportunity to celebrate our success in gaining meaningful representation for the Town on DHB and to talk through what we want that to achieve in the future.”