Творчески награди Кент 2016

Щастливи сме да съобщим, че Dover Arts Development спечели художествена организация на годината в Kent Creative 2016 Церемонията по награждаването на 18 май в Alexander Center във Faversham. Наградите бяха организирани от основателя и директора на Kent Creative Arts, Натали Банайгс.


“Имахме прекрасна вечер, making new connections and catching up with other creative practitioners we see too seldom. The event was very well organised, with just the right touch of glamour and elegance and credit for this must go to Nathalie Banaigs.


With DAD celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, it is fantastic recognition for the work we have been doing in Dover: bringing vision, engaging the community, instilling a sense of place, enabling young people and supporting excellence from artists across all art forms.


We would like to thank all our funders, supporters, graphic designer, volunteers, participants, audience, friends and the over 120 artists we have worked with over the past ten years, without whom we would not be where we are now.


Photo by Kevin Ralph – Studio 4186

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