Astley Avenue Allotments

“Growing More Securely”

A brand new fence at the Astley Avenue Allotment site will make sure that the 70 plus allotment holders will be able to “grow forward” with more security and peace of mind. Dover Town Council who own the site paid for the new fence costing £23,000 as part of a package that sees the Allotment Association take a peppercorn rent on the site for 21 년. The not-for profit Association is run by volunteers who manage the site independently charging low rents to cover essential day-to-day maintenance expenses.

The Town Council has a duty in law to provide allotments to local people and Councillors are keen to see allotment holders taking decisions about how their sites are managed. The Astley Avenue Association has been running very successfully for many years but this is the first time it has taken out such a long lease. Brian Constable the Secretary of the Association met the Town Mayor Councillor Chris Precious at the site to say “Thank you” for the new fence and express his appreciation of the successful partnership with the Town Council.