Calling the folks of Dover! We would love to hear your Dover stories, as Strange Cargo is making the ‘Everywhere Means Something to Someone’ people’s guidebooks to Dover. Not an ordinary guidebook but one filled with hundreds of local stories and photos about places in and around the town that you know well. Strange Cargo leading the project has already made four guidebooks for other places and is extremely excited to be making a Dover version to capture all the things about your town that make it feel like home.

Please tell us the kinds of interesting family stories and local anecdotes about places that you’d tell your best friend to visit for the first time. Please send @strangecargoart a social media message, phone 01303 278821, or email if you want to know more about getting involved.

It’s fun, free, and easy and together we can make something very special for Dover. Everyone that contributes will have their name printed on the book. Please share with your friends.

Find out more on their website:

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