Looking for funds? – 2020/21 Directory of Grant making Trusts available in the Town Council Offices.

Looking for funds? The 2020/21 Directory of Grant making Trusts is available in hard copy for consultation in the Town Council offices.  The Directory covers 2000 of the largest grant-making charities in the UK and is a staple of charity bookshelves throughout the UK.  The Research Team have included where possible the policies, priorities and exclusions for each grant giving organisation so your application can be targeted. The Guide has been published since 1968.  This year there are 230 new charities each giving over £50,000 per year and the total of all grants given by the trusts is a massive £5.69 billion.

If you want to take a look just give us a call on 01304 242625 or email council@dovertowncouncil.gov.uk to fix a time.