January Greens!

YES! – It’s time to shake off those winter blues.  

Is your New Year’s Resolution –

  • To be fitter, trimmer and do more exercise?
  • Get outside to enjoy the fresh air?
  • Eat better, healthier and cheaper?
  • Live in a more environmentally and sustainable way?

Tick all the boxes at once by renting a Town Council Allotment – and make yourself a whole bunch of new friends too!

Plots on offer range from small starter plots to larger plots so you can choose what suits you best. We have 5 sites across the Town so there is bound to be one nearby.

Just a quick glance in your local Garden Centre will show you the huge range of veggies, fruit and herbs on offer – way more than you can buy in your local supermarket.  We get lots of sunshine here in the south so you can really experiment with something different – or just stick to your tried and trusted favourites.  There is even room for a few flowers to encourage friendly wildlife and support organic growing.  

Contact the Land and Communities Officer at the Town Council Offices by phone (01304 242625), email to council@dovertowncouncil.gov.uk, via our website www.dovertowncouncil.gov.uk – or just do it the old-fashioned way and drop in to see us at Maison Dieu House in Biggin Street next to the Town Hall.