February Gardening Guide

Make sure that you get your garlic in the ground before the end of February. Break the bulbs into the individual cloves and plant pointed-end up, so that the tip is just covered in soil. Space them 15cm apart in rows that are 30cm apart in a sunny spot, preferably with well-drained soil. Make sure you stay on top of weeds as garlic dislikes competition. Plant onions and shallots. February is an ideal time to start a bird table or to put up a feeder as the birds now may be having a hard time finding food. They will also appreciate a source of unfrozen water. Prune your apple and pear trees toward the middle of the month, leaving peach and plum til spring growth is visible. Spring is just around the corner so plan now for next month’s sowing. If you haven’t begun chitting your potato seeds, do so now.

The day is ending,
The night is descending;
The marsh is frozen,
The river dead.
Through clouds like ashes
The red sun flashes
On village windows
That glimmer red.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,
Afternoon in February

The February born will find
Sincerity and peace of mind;
Freedom from passion and from care,
If they the Pearl (also green Amethyst) will wear.

If apples were pears
And peaches were plums
And the rose had a different name.
If tigers were bears
And fingers were thumbs
I’d love you just the same.