Dover Bowls Club To Get New Kitchen


Perhaps of all games, after cricket, bowls might be seen as the most representative of England’s green and pleasant land. The crisp white of the uniforms, the lush verdure of the lawn are as timeless as afternoon tea and just as refreshing. Built beside the River Dour, the Dover Bowling Club provides an oasis of tranquillity in Dover. With its lawn looking out onto the grandeur of Dover Castle, what could be nicer than passing an afternoon there playing bowls? An ancient game, played first by the Egyptians, bowls has something to offer everyone. While the slowness of its pace make it ideal for all ages, bowls is by no means a lightweight sport. The skill and expertise that can be developed make this a deceptively simple game but one which is growing in popularity even amongst the young. Dover Bowls Club accepts people of all ages and abilities and a warm welcome is extended to all. With a growing membership, the antiquated kitchen facilities at the Bowls Club needed an update and Dover Town Council was only too happy to help. The new kitchen means that more hospitality can be shown to both local members and teams from out of the area- a new heart for the club that is at the heart of Dover.
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BEFORE: Bowls Club Kitchen Summer 2015                  AFTER: Winter 2015 -Renovations Have Begun!