Coronavius – Help for Business from Destination Dover

Dear Colleagues,


Understandably there is a huge amount of concern, and I would like to let you know that you are not alone.


Destination Dover will do everything possible to help and support your business in this difficult time. As such we recommend using this time to Reassure & Prepare.



●      Follow the latest information and advice

●      VisitBritain’s Coronavirus Business Information and Advice

●      VisitKent’s Coronavirus Business Information and Advice…/information-for-investors-on-covid-19

●      Share and promote the actions you are taking to make your business a safe place to visit e.g:

●      Spacing out table and chairs

●      Cleaning Routines

●      Provide alternatives if possible for example; providing takeaway and delivery.

●      Be flexible – provide flexible booking options.

●      Highlight non-group/crowd activities, for example, walking and cycling.

●      Support and build a relationship with the local community.

●      Please share any positive stories



●      Use this time!

●      Training and Business Development

●      Move forward any business improvement plans

●      Website improvements – SEO if you require any help on this please get in touch.

●      Planning for later in the year!

●      Now is the time to think about your activities for later in the year.

●      Plan for events

●      New products such as experiences


Industry Support:

Hospitality Action:

Hospitality Action has a whole range of support services to help hospitality people back on their feet again after a setback.


Destination Dover Support & Opportunities


Destination Dover will be providing the following:

●      SEO Guidance

●      Developing partnership marketing campaigns

●      Product Development support

●      Event Activities

●      Signposting for additional support available


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Remember you are not alone and don’t hesitate to reach out.


Kind regards,




Diederik Smet – Destination Dover Manager