Best Foot Forward – White Cliffs Walking Festival 22-28 August 2019

The Civic and Special Projects Committee put their boots right behind the White Cliffs Ramblers Group in full support of their £400 grant request for help with the costs of the White Cliffs Walking Festival being held on 22-28 August this year. Volunteers from the White Cliffs Ramblers have organised the event since 2013 and last year 44 walks were organised with over 1200 people covering together over 13,000 miles. It is one of the biggest and most successful walking festivals in South East England.

The Group works hard to provide a variety of Festival walks which are accessible and interesting for everyone including children. This year there will be another chance to experience some of the most popular including the Ice Cream Walk to Solleys Farm Shop and the Smugglers Walk with actors and props.

Each walk has a theme and local experts are lined up as leaders on walks looking at the history of Dover including its mills, tanneries and breweries and its archaeology.

A representative from the Group explained the benefits of the Festival to the Committee including

  • Improving health by encouraging and people to walk regularly and giving them confidence
  • Better social integration as people enjoy themselves and make friends walking together
  • Boosting the local economy as visitors and locals use local shops, pubs and restaurants and hotels.


Look out for the publicity which will be available a bit later in the year listing all the walks and on the website